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The following actions can result in a network ban: 

  • Cheating -
Performing any action that an unmodified client is incapable of performing. Developing, distributing, or promoting cheat software. Minimal 90 day net ban for first offence. Repeat offenses are often permanently banned.

  • Cross Zone Spamming -
Flooding a player, squad, zone staff, or network staff with messages from another zone is considered cross zone spamming, whether the message is considered to be harrassing or not. This includes changing names to avoid an ?ignore. Maximum 7 day net ban for first offence.

  • Harassment -
Continual harassment of players, zone operators, or server hosts either in-game or in real life.

  • Profiting -
Subspace is a free gaming platform supported by volunteers, and as such it is forbidden to monetarily profit from the game in any way, particularly the selling of player names or squads.

  • Security -
Disrupting or attempting to disrupt the security of the billing server, any SSC zone or server. Examples include flooding servers or players, spreading knowledge of how to disrupt security, unauthorized access to the billing or zone servers, stealing passwords, impersonating SSC Zones, or distributing confidential information about servers or players. Minimal 30 day first offence net ban for a threat to disrupt security.

  • Special circumstances -
Any immediate threat to the game that is not handled by the above rules or zone rules can result in a netban at the discretion and approval of an SSC BanG Administrator.


Network Bans are used as a last line of defense for preserving the integrity of SSC zones and protecting the game in general.

Net bans of length exceeding 365 days require authorization from a BanG Administrator.

BanG Administrators handle network ban appeals. Local bans are to be appealed with local zone staff.

If you would like to appeal a network ban, click on Open New Ticket at the bottom of this page.

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