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Hyperspace Theorycraft

Well, as I am aware, I have made many posts explaining my thoughts on these kinds of topics. But things change, and now I have a new one. Lets delve into base games, as I am more experienced with that.

Starting Level Base Games (2-3 Players)

First, let me categorize basic types of ships:

Deployer - Deploys ships with either Evoker or Summoner.
Gunliner - A ship that attempts to push forward using the range of its gun, typically by moving back and forth. Gunners that don't do this are rather useless...
Leaker - A rush ship, usually a fast, small ship, that moves towards the enemy to hopefully leak, and if not, cause as much damage as possible.
Tanker - A heavy rush ship to support the effort of Leakers and Gunliners by protecting them both.
Bombliner - Abuses powerful bomblines, usually.

In the smallest base games, Tankers are the first choice to pop out of your Deployer. This is because, in very low amounts of gunners, Tankers possess significant advantage against Gunliners, due to the math of the DPS of an average gun versus the Tanker's typical energy levels. Most Gunliners will simply get overrun.

Small Base games Stage 1 (3-4 Players)

Here its time to change. As Gunliners are capable to appear in 2-3 your tankers are now screwed from their combined DPS. Time to switch to Gunliners. There are still few of you, so in order to preserve the lanc, maybe not bring in Leakers yet. Just try to Gunliner them down, until...

Small Base Games Stage 2 (4-6 Players)

But at some point your team seems stable, so bring in the Leakers. They do a better job at rushing than simply gunlining.

Medium Base Games (7-9 Players)

This is when the Tankers come back, as you have a stable infractucture of Gunliners and Leakers.

Large Base Games (10+ Players)

Similar to medium games right now.

Other threats include the Flankers, Thorstormers, and Bombliners.


Usually you need a ship with range. (Many years ago stronger bursts could do it, too. But that has other side effects.) But don't send Gunliners at Flankers! Usually, a good flanker is also a rush ship, which basically causes an ecosystem of a "starting base game" when you try to attack it. In this system expect to get overrun. Use a bombing ship instead and range them, such as the Weasel with HE missiles. Should the flankers get too close rush them (hopefully they hit your bombs, as it should then at least cause a suicide attack). A Javelin can also work, but the Weasel would be better at rushing and range, and the Leviathan probably needs some bomblines considering its bombs have no bounce.


Very overpowered, a team (that is not private freq) will likely not rep and mass destruction to a team is the result. Longer range reps is the solution from many years ago.


Reps with faster speed was how this was dealt with before. Today you have little choice but to counter with another bombline, if the bombline is too good. Weaker bomblines are doable with the normal Gunliners+Leakers+Tankers.

So what am I saying from all this? These situations where the team progresses like that don't happen that often anymore, without private frequences coming back for flagging. So many times a team that does not do this is proven incompetent against a team that happens to follow through this path properly. Ragequits are the result. In the days long ago settings were simplified. Flankers just took strong burst spam to hold back. Spamming longer range reps could accidently ignore thorstorms, and faster rep speed made even tough bomblines throughly possible. Longer gun time allowed even sitting duck Gunliners to have *some* effectiveness, and Leakers was somewhat effective without even trying to leak since repels and bursts were so powerful (still not as good as someone who did try, though). Basically, what made public freqs work back them was the powerful combo of repel+burst spam simplifying many problems of today. If that does not work I request the full rebirth of private flagging teams, so people can organize a good team again.

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