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New features
Error reporting system
Add settings editor
LVZ tools:
Quick AddImage done in 3.3.0
Align multiple images (left, center, right, top, middle, bottom)
Tile image from (x1,y1) to (x2,y2) with (dx,dy) offset
LVZ text tools:
Import a font from the system
Write text on map with lvz images (much like texttiles)


Optimize memory usage by replacing boolean arrays with byte arrays, or maybe even bit arrays effective in 3.4
Optimize eLVL region loading process done in 3.4
Expand Undo/Redo to all functions (tileset, LVZ, regions...)
Redo wall tiles (perhaps allow diagonals)
Review Edit TileText layout
Save wall tiles to eLVL done in 3.1.9!
MouseWheel ZoomIn / ZoomOut should center with the cursor position. (view details) (Done, but it is a bit inaccurate) Accuracy fixed 3.3.3

[*]Major bug fixes

[*]Minor bug fixes

Add hourglass pointer for long operations (Selecting, Deselecting, SwitchOrReplace, Fill, etc.)

[/list]Past suggestions

Polygon selecting tool instead of just rectangle (well rectangle selection but with selecting + and selecting - like in photoshop or paint shop pro) (this is also an insane suggestion, but never the less not impossible) DONE! v1.2.0 (view details)
Wall-tiles DONE! v1.2.1 (view details)
Tileset editor (reorganize tiles, import tiles from different tilesets, edit tiles) DONE! v1.2.68 (view details)
Review radar preview system
eLVL support (define and customize regions) (view details)

To do or not to do

CTRL + drag for copy of selection

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