Finding Chaos/League Zone

9 years 6 months ago #43 by Nude
Repeating content of a post made by hallucination 19 August 2014 :

We've made some progress:

1) Chaos/League now shows in the directory server listings:

You only need one of these - sometimes some of them won't show the zone - try a different one.

Chaos/League is listed as SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS (two X's)
(NOT "SSCX Chaos/League Zone SVS" - that's the old IP and shows 10 players)

Double click on the zone name to add it (it will become bold and green).

Note: when you add this, you will re-download all the zone level files.

2) Some people still cannot connect to the zone - try this:

Go to the continuum dir, right click the continuum.exe file, and select "Run As Administrator"

Please leave feedback here as to whether that works or not. Thanks.


P.S. Thanks to Ghost Ship for helping to get us back in the dir servers!

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